NJ.com Covers The 2015 Giants Tour and Sundae Blitz

Jordan Raanan and the NJ.com staff joined the Tom Coughlin Jay Fund and the NY Giants for the 2015 Giants Tour and Sundae Blitz on Friday, May 29th at the team’s training facility. Families took a VIP tour, spent time with Coach Coughlin and NY Giants players, and topped it all with some delicious ice cream!  But as you see in the story, the event always delivers much more for the families who can BE THERE…

The Sundae Blitz event provides children and their families the opportunity to run through drills, meet Coughlin, Manning and other players, and receive a behind-the-scenes tour of the Giants facility. Coughlin and Manning even addressed the 120 guests.

“The kids enjoy this day, focus on this day and the parents can have fun too because they see them smiling and enjoying it,” Coughlin said. “And they don’t need a needle poked in their side or someone poking and pulling on them and so on and so forth. That is why this day is so important to us.”

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