A Kinder, Gentler Coughlin Still Makes the Giants Stand Up Straight

Tom Coughlin is beginning his 10th season as the coach of the Giants, and in that time, he has ranted, raved and waved his arms on the sideline until his deportment has become an immutable fixture of the team’s culture. His countenance is as familiar as the team logo — the downturned upper lip, the hands on hips, a man whose face seems perpetually red from exhortation, irritation or unyielding determination.

But Coughlin turned 67 on Saturday. He has 11 grandchildren. A game might still bring out sideline histrionics, but during the team’s practices he is subdued, more likely to commend than to condemn. Once a habitual yeller with a voice that could be heard across two football fields, he now gives instructions that are usually inaudible except to the players nearest to him. Read More