The Impact Player Program Application (Third Party Fundraisers)

Thank you for your interest in hosting a  fundraiser to benefit the Jay Fund. Please submit an application a minimum of 3 weeks before your scheduled event. All Impact Player Events must be reviewed and approved prior to launch.

  • The Tom Coughlin Jay Fund reserves the right to decline participation in a potential Impact Player Event that is in direct conflict with its mission, image, or that conflicts with an existing event.
  • All advertising, promotional and other event-specific materials should state “All proceeds will benefit the Tom Coughlin Jay Fund” or “A portion of the proceeds will benefit the Tom Coughlin Jay Fund,” but should not imply that the Jay Fund is the event host, sponsor, or partner. The event sponsor or partner should be clearly identified on all materials.
  • If only a portion of the proceeds will go directly to the Jay Fund, the sponsoring organization must clearly disclose to the purchasers or participants and the Jay Fund the approximate amount of dollars and/or percentage of the proceeds that will go to the Tom Coughlin Jay Fund.

Important Notes

The Tom Coughlin Jay Fund:

  • Will not share or sell our mailing list or donor information.
  • Accept or decline your Impact Player Request within 10 days of submission.
  • If requested in advance, the Jay Fund will make every effort to have a Jay Fund representative and/or volunteers attend your event. However due to our limited resources we cannot make a guarantee.
  • Will not supply funding to finance an Impact Player Event and will not be responsible for any debt incurred.
  • Requires that we review and approve any collateral pieces that utilize our name and/or logo.
  • Can provide digital files for Jay Fund promotional materials upon request