Sue Meier to #GoGold at NYC Marathon

Jacksonville marathoner Sue Meier is gearing up to run the NYC Marathon on November 2nd, 2014.  It’s not her first marathon by any stretch, but this is the first time she’ll be running for the Tom Coughlin Jay Fund.

Sue Meier has had a passion for running for a long time; since she “caught the bug”, she’s competed in 35 marathons, including the NYC Marathon and the Boston Marathon.  Sue has also had a passion for the Tom Coughlin Jay Fund as well, and in a brainstorm earlier this year, she decided to combine her passions by raising awareness and donations for families tackling childhood cancer while she tackled the streets of the Big Apple.

With the help of her husband (and Jay Fund photographer) Scott Stevens and the Jay Fund team, Sue has come up with a wonderful support mechanism through the use of online fundraising website CrowdRise.  With the support of the running community and Jay Fund supporters in both Jacksonville and NY/NJ, Sue hopes to raise thousands of dollars to help families facing the unthinkable.

How Can You Sponsor Sue?

With this innovative support plan, you can choose from a variety of different support levels:

$496 “Olympian”     $310 “Record Breaker”     $155 “Champion”     $93 “Runner”     $62 “Pacer”     $31 “Racer”

Make sure you check out the gifts we have for you at the various sponsorship levels, too!

In addition, you can also support the Jay Fund – and Sue’s run – through the purchase of a special NYC Marathon-edition Jay Fund t-shirt or Dri-Fit running shirt.  You can order your shirt online right now, and they’ll be delivered the first week of November.