“Something Far Greater”: A Letter To The Coach

Coach Coughlin knows all about impact; it is the foundation of football.  However, impact can be something far greater.  We recently received this letter from a parent of a child tackling cancer which perfectly describes what real impact is…

Hi Coach,
I wanted to express my thanks and appreciation to you for stopping in to meet and talk with my son last Friday in the hospital. Cade is 11, a big sports nut, a great kid and was recently diagnosed with Ewing’s Sarcoma. We were in Wolfson’s Children’s Hospital for the weekend for Cade’s second round of treatment. You met my wife Kelly and our middle son Nathan as well.
We were introduced to the Jay Fund by our social worker at Nemours Clinic and I have walked past the Jay Fund display on the fourth floor of Weaver Tower at Wolfson’s a few dozen times this past weekend and our first stay in the hospital three weeks ago. I had not thought a lot about it, but inspired by your visit, I went to the Jay Fund website this morning.
I am truly moved and grateful for your understanding and support of our situation and other families like us. Few people have the resources to make a real difference or the interest and time to get involved, even fewer do both. As a sports fan, I knew you as a college and NFL coach. Although this may be your fame and fortune, I will know you for something far greater.
We are only at beginning of our journey and Cade has a long road ahead. We know the Jay Fund is available to us and appreciate everything it offers. We plan to get involved and volunteer and participate in Jacksonville events as much as possible. I look forward to meeting you at a future trip to Jacksonville.
Thank you for all you do.
Best of luck on the upcoming season.
David M.


This letter is the reason Coach Tom and Judy Coughlin have vowed to #BeThere for families.  This letter is the reason all of us at the Tom Coughlin Jay Fund Foundation have made it our ongoing mission to #BeThere for parents like David and Kelly can #BeThere for their son Cade and their entire family.  This letter brilliantly reminds us that we are a part of something far greater.

Something Far Greater…With You

The Jay Fund strives to be a part of something far greater for local families tackling childhood cancer, but we can’t be without your incredible generosity, powered by the drive to do something far greater yourself.  We thank you for supporting us, and encourage you to continue to support us, because it’s greater to #BeThere.