September Jay Fund Hero – Kara Masson

Today’s Jay Fund Hero – Kara Masson

What she thought were just bad headaches in eighth grade turned out to be a cancerous brain tumor.  Surgery, radiation and chemotherapy kept her from school for two years. She finished middle school in a hospital home bound program, returned to school her Sophomore year, not only graduated, but she was a recipient of the Jay Fund scholarship.  Kara went on to graduate from Flagler College, and now lives independently while working full-time for the St. Johns County School Board in Florida.

Nominated by her mother, Jane Reynolds Boles, “My daughter Kara is my hero. She was diagnosed with a malignant brain tumor when she was 13 years old. Her treatment was very difficult and very long. She has many late effects that have made her daily life difficult but she never stops trying. Her story is one of overcoming diversity in a big way! I am so proud to be her mom.” (The photo is Kara with her Granny)

Thank you for nominating today’s Jay Fund Hero, Jane and congratulations to Kara for her many accomplishments while overcoming the inexplicable challenges of having childhood cancer.  You are a Jay Fund Hero!

Donate to the Jay Fund in honor of Kara or in honor of your hero!  Every dollar makes a difference, when you have a child with cancer.