September Jay Fund Hero – Elizabeth Forte

Today’s Jay Fund Hero – Elizabeth Forte

More than a year has passed since 6-year-old Elizabeth Forte completed treatment for acute lympholastic leukemia (ALL). She’s cancer free, but like so many other kids, Elizabeth has irreversible brain damage and educational difficulties, as a result of the cancer.  The long-term effects of cancer and its treatment are still unknown.  What we do know is, however, she is a princess with a beautiful smile and a super hero to those around her!   Nominated by her mom, Brooke Estes Forte, she said it best:

Elizabeth Forte or Princess Elizabeth, as we call her, is our superhero. Elizabeth was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia on May 13, 2010 at the age of three. She underwent several years of treatment and many hospitalizations. Elizabeth battled this disease, but always had a smile on her face. She continually encouraged us, as her parents and family; reminding us that God has healed her and that we will continue to laugh and play with each other. She lost her hair, but never wore a wig and barely wore a hat. She shared her beauty with all of us through her spirit and wondrous eyes. Elizabeth wanted to meet new friends, both in the oncology world and outside. She continues to want to educate people and share her “hospital stories”, she does this through special events through the hospital and organizations that help raise funds for childhood cancer and dream foundations. Elizabeth is currently in remission, and one year off treatment, we continue to see that sparkle in her eye and love in her heart. Thank you to the Jay Fund for all you have done for our family.

I have a feeling that many people may roll their eyes, or sigh, when they see me post about September being Childhood Cancer Awareness month. I understand, Elizabeth is in remission, no longer in treatment aside from monthly blood checks and monitoring, so why is it so important? Her journey is not over. It is never over. 1 in 5 children die from cancer, the 4 that survive have horrible side effects ranging from secondary cancers, physical difficulties, educational difficulties, organ problems, fertility, etc. Elizabeth has irreversible brain damage and educational difficulties, we never know if one of the other terrors will arise unknowingly. Though we celebrate her health now, we see the side effects daily.”

This nomination is for Elizabeth Forte, her family and her many friends – those friends that rest in peace away from the treatments and those who are still in the heart of the fight, as well as their families.  Congratulations to Elizabeth Forte and her family of heroes for BEing THERE, and being a Jay Fund September Hero!

Like Elizabeth’s story? Donate to the Jay Fund in her honor or in honor of your hero! Every dollar makes a difference, when you have a child with cancer.