September Jay Fund Hero – Carli Schiefen

Today’s Jay Fund Hero – Carli Schiefen

When a child is diagnosed with cancer, it has a profound effect on the entire family. While parents, family and friends are understandably focused on the care of the ill child, the healthy children may feel isolated, helpless and often times feel their needs are being neglected.  Activities may be reduced or eliminated (i.e. there is simply no one to take them to soccer practice or a movie). If they complain, they can be misconstrued as being selfish and are often told they should just be happy that they’re healthy. As a result, it is natural that these children may have feelings of  anger, fear, jealousy, hopelessness or sadness, not to mention their grades and overall social life is  impacted.

Today’s Jay Fund Hero accepted her sister’s fate.  Carli Schiefen was 5 years old, when her sister was diagnosed with Ewing’s Sarcoma. As shared by her Aunt Cindy Kays, when Carli’s sister, Kelsey was diagnosed with cancer, their entire family was stunned.  The family’s focus immediately shifted to do everything possible to assist Carli’s sister in her fight to beat cancer – a fight her sister continues to this day 11 years later.  But through it all, Carli has BEen THERE.

She is one of the most accepting and understanding young ladies I have ever met. She has an internal strength and beauty that shines for all to see. Even as a young child and now as a 16 year old, Carli accepted being shuffled between friends and family with a moment’s notice. She never complained when her mom and dad were not available to help her with something due to Kelsey’s needs. As she’s grown, she has been a huge help to her sister and her parents. She jumps to help her family and join fundraisers for numerous causes all while remaining a straight A student. Carli could have, as some do unintentionally, made things difficult for her family; but instead has been a true hero. I am proud to be her aunt and brag often about this wonderful giving young lady.”

Congratulations to Carli Schiefen for BEing THERE for her family, and being a Jay Fund September Hero!

Like Carli’s story?  Donate to the Jay Fund in her honor or in honor of your hero!  Every dollar makes a difference, when you have a child with cancer.