Coughlin’s fund provides big help to Jacksonville Beach family

by Alexi Strong, Staff Writer The Beaches Leader, Inc.

More than seven months have passed since 5-year-old Elizabeth Forte completed treatment for acute lympholastic leukemia.

Her parents watched Elizabeth in their Jacksonville Beach home last week play with her brother and sister, and formally introduce everyone in the room to her stuffed animals. They said she loves school, drawing, dancing and cartoons.

“We finally have our little girl back,” they said.

Helping Elizabeth, her parents and her siblings through her battle with cancer was the Tom Coughlin Jay Fund, a Jacksonville-based non-profit founded by former Jaguars Coach Tom Coughlin.

The Forte family of Jacksonville Beach got help from the Tom Coughlin Jay Fund during their daughter, Elizabeth’s, recent bout with leukemia. From left are Sophia, Brooke, Elizabeth, Luca and Frank Forte