The Art of the Auction

The 10th Annual Tom Coughlin Jay Fund Wine Tasting Gala is going to be a Milestone Celebration for many reasons.  However, we’re excited to celebrate this year because of the wonderful art of the auction…and the wonderful children behind it.

Silas, age 3

Silas’ Art: “Colors of Courage”

Silas is just three years old and lives in Jacksonville, FL.  He’s got a wonderful mom and dad, an older brother named Noah that he loves to play with, and a great cat named Josie.  He also likes to play outside, and when he’s done, he likes to come inside and help out in the kitchen.  Silas was diagnosed with Wilm’s Tumor, a cancer of the kidneys, in November of 2013.

Silas’ pottery is a fabulous reminder of the focus, concentration, and courage needed to finish what you’ve started.  It is this same focus, concentration and courage that Silas and his family continue to display while going through treatment and facing all the struggles that come with childhood cancer.


Angelika, age 4

Angelika’s Art: “Russian Flower”

Angelika is an energetic four-year-old living in Jacksonville, FL.  She loves her family to pieces (even her brother Xander), and she’s absolutely giddy about her brand new baby sister that’s on the way.  She’s quite fond of her puppy Mishka, too.  If you hadn’t guessed by the words on her pottery, she’s fluent in Russian…but that doesn’t mean she can’t express herself in other ways.  Angelika loves to get artsy through drawing, coloring and painting.  She’s also a big fan of ballet (as any good Russian is), dancing, and swimming.  She was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia in September of 2013.

The beautiful colors, shapes and words of Angelika’s pottery send a clear message: no barriers, from language and culture to struggle and adversity, can quench a wonderful child’s spirit.


Christopher, age 8

Christopher’s Art: “Hands On”

Christopher is a bright, fun-loving eight-year-old living in Jacksonville, FL.  He’s a big fan of his family, and even if he won’t admit it when you talk to him, he loves his three sisters, Rayanna, Alyser and Paige, like nobody’s business.  When he’s in his 3rd grade classroom at Don Brewer Elementary School, he really likes to dig into math, but for him, recess rules…he loves playing basketball and football.  Competition is key for Christopher at home, too; he’s all about watching sports and taking on all comers in video games.  Christopher was diagnosed with Clear Cell Sarcoma in February 2008.

If you end the silent auction with Christopher’s artwork in your grasp, it will serve you well as a constant reminder of his unwavering spirit in the face of all kinds of challenges and obstacles, because he lives his life “hands on”.


Although we don’t yet know what price these truly priceless pieces of art will bring at the 10th Annual Wine Tasting Gala’s silent auction, we do know you won’t be able to bid unless you’re there!  Get your tickets now.