2014 Draft Drive: Jaguars vs Giants, and the Jay Fund Wins

The 2014 Draft Drive is underway, thanks to Bigblueview.com and Bigcatcountry.com and their desire to BE THERE for the Tom Coughlin Jay Fund Foundation.

Through May 11th, both fan websites are soliciting Jay Fund donations from their visitors, posting a link to our website’s donation page.  They’re asking that every donation be dedicated to “Big Blue View” if you’re a Giants fan, and “Big Cat Country” if you’re a Jaguars fan.

Even though the 2014 Draft Drive kicked off only yesterday, April 28th, it’s garnering support from some pretty big names, including former NFL coach and current NFL Network analyst Steve Mariucci.  Thanks to Steve (and to Jay Fund supporter Steve Nix for petitioning for the RT)!!

Make sure you visit bigblueview.com and bigcatcountry.com to get updates on the contest.  The winner will be announced on Wednesday, May 14th, after all the donations are tabulated.

If you’d like to support your team, Giants or Jaguars, and more importantly, BE THERE for families tackling childhood cancer, make your donation now.