September Jay Fund Hero – Aaron Pinsky

Today’s Jay Fund Heroes  – Aaron Pinsky and Sarah Clein

This month, as we honor the countless heroes in the battle against childhood cancer, we also know that there is an army of people behind each of them, helping to propel awareness of the nightmare that is childhood cancer. It’s not just the kids facing the inexplicable of a cancer diagnosis, but it is also those children whose hearts and minds are open to the idea of helping others.  Kids who, with their pure and instinctive kindness, understand the importance of giving before receiving.

Meet Aaron Pinsky and his cousin Sarah Clein.  Aaron was diagnosed with Ewing’s Sarcoma at age 4.  “He had 3 surgeries, 14 rounds of chemo, 28 rounds of proton beam radiation, a feeding tube, and had to relearn to walk.  The amazing things is he didn’t really complain. He wanted to start giving back to others right away even while still being treated.”

Shortly after being diagnosed, several of Aaron’s mother’s friends got together and bought Aaron an iPad.  No one really knew at that time, just how important that iPad would be during Aaron”s treatments.  His cousin, Sarah Clein did, though.

Like so many other kids with cancer, Aaron couldn’t be around other kids, who could be carrying germs, bacteria, viruses, which for a child undergoing immune system draining chemotherapy, could be deadly.  But through Aaron’s iPad, he could Facetime his cousins and family anytime.  Playing games or even earning new Apps for the iPad became a great incentive for making it through painful treatments, bouts of nausea, etc.  He could disappear into a movie or listen to music, all on his own terms, whenever he wanted.  Sarah realized that while Aaron was lucky enough to have his own iPad, other kids are not as lucky.  That is why 10-year old Sarah started Aaron’s iPad Lending Library.

“We were just sad that we couldn’t talk to Aaron when he was in the hospital,” Sarah said of her cousin, who is now disease-free. “I thought about the fact that some kids who are in the hospital don’t have the money for an iPad.” “It makes you feel really good to help,” Sarah said.

” He has been 10 months disease free and we couldn’t be more proud of him, and his cousin Sarah,” said Aaron’s mother Beth Pinsky.

Donate to the Jay Fund in honor of Aaron Pinsky or in honor of your hero! Every dollar makes a difference, when you have a child with cancer.