#355 Great.com Talks With… Tom Coughlin Jay Fund

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#355 Great.com Talks With… Tom Coughlin Jay Fund

Childhood cancer treatment costs $833,000 on average. When the diagnosis is handed down, usually one of the parents has to stop working. Families tackle childhood cancer in addition to other household expense payments. This makes it very difficult for families to maintain good financial health. In today’s episode, we talked with Mary Jane Pulzello, Managing Director at Tom Coughlin Jay Fund.

The Tom Coughlin Jay Fund is a nonprofit organization that provides emotional, practical, and financial assistance to families going through childhood cancer. They operate in two areas: Jacksonville and New York/New Jersey. Through their Jacksonville and New York/New Jersey programs, the Tom Coughlin Jay Fund is providing comprehensive financial assistance in the form of Jay Fund Grants.

Being There For Families

To objective of the foundation is to be there for families tackling childhood cancer. With the help of the Jay Fund Grants, the Tom Coughlin Jay Fund is making every child’s life brighter. In addition, they help survivors through their survivorship programs. The financial support families receive through grants allows families to look after the well being of their children.

The organization also offers emotional support by helping create happy memories for affected children.

Listen to the whole interview to find out how the Tom Coughlin Jay Fund is helping families deal with the difficulties of having to go through childhood cancer. The organization welcomes donations and volunteers to be there for affected children.