The Impact Player Program

Make an Impact
on Families.

Your Impact Player Event will help families financially, emotionally and practically and change their lives forever.

Make an Impact
on the Jay Fund.

Your Impact Player Event will improve our public visibility and provide the funds we need to continue to BE THERE for families tackling childhood cancer.

Make an Impact
on your business, organization, family, or group.

Your Impact Player Event will build trust equity in the community, boost morale among your staff/membership, teach valuable lessons about community involvement and increase your exposure.

Make an Impact

Download your step-by-step guide to the Impact Player Program below, or contact the Jay Fund now to find out more.

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Our Impact Player Program allows individuals, groups and organizations to BE THERE for local families tackling childhood cancer through events that raise funds and heighten awareness. You don’t need special skills or a fundraising background to be an Impact Player – your passion will inspire others to support you, all you have to do is ask.

QUESTIONS? Contact Cary Ann Moody, Community Relations & Event Manager at or 904-685-6435.

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