BE THERE Campaign Goal: $10 Million @ 60%

Coach at St. JoesThe BE THERE Campaign was launched to allow the Tom Coughlin Jay Fund to continue to provide unique financial, emotional and practical support to families who have a child tackling cancer in the NY/NJ Metro Area.

Tom Coughlin Jay Fund programs are on the front lines, providing expedited help to cover essential household expenses (i.e. mortgage, utilities, groceries, gas cards) and to provide long-term support with a financial game plan, support services for families, special experiences for children and their families, and expanding survivorship services for children for years to come.

15 Champions for Children WEB 191The Tom Coughlin Jay Fund model has consistently used existing resources within hospitals in NY and NJ to identify families in need and has collaborated with other charitable organizations to keep overhead low. 

By meeting our goal of $10 million, we can ensure the Tom Coughlin Jay Fund will BE THERE for children and families facing the unthinkable for years to come.

Gifts are welcome at any level. From $25 for a gas card, to seven-figure gifts which provide a financial cornerstone for present and future family programs and resources. To give to the BE THERE Campaign click here.

Donors at the $100,000 level or above receive special recognition. If you would like to give at this level, please email

Enjoy this little clip from Coach Coughlin’s recent press conference where he talks about the BE THERE Fund: