More about the patient artist, Emma

(Pictured: Emma, right, and her mom, Katie)

The Tom Coughlin Jay Fund’s 2022 Valentine’s Day card was designed by 11-year-old artist Emma. We are so happy to report that Emma just finished treatment in January, overcoming cancer for the SECOND time in her life.

When she was just four months old, Emma was diagnosed with an extremely rare brain cancer. Emma’s second diagnosis of bone cancer came last May. Once again, she endured months of intensive therapy.

While Emma has been unable to attend school in person due to her compromised immune system, she enjoys using the art techniques her teachers have taught her at home. “I really love to draw and paint and it’s a great way for me to express my feelings,” said Emma. “If I’m mad and angry, I use red and orange. If I’m happy, I use yellow and green and other bright colors. But if I’m feeling sad and overwhelmed, I like to use a bunch of different colors.”

Emma looks forward to getting back to skateboarding and swimming and can’t wait to return to the classroom next fall and start sixth grade.