Impact Player Program FAQ

image1Will the Tom Coughlin Jay Fund staff help me organize my event?

We will do everything we can to help you make your event a success, but you will do the majority of the planning. Assemble a trustworthy team of friends, family, or coworkers to help you. We do have an easy event guide for your convenience: click here to have a look.

Can the Jay Fund assist in covering costs associated with my event?

The Tom Coughlin Jay Fund does not pay any costs associated with third-party events.

image10 Will a Jay Fund representative be at my event?

We have a team of Ambassadors who represent our organization at community events. If you would like an Ambassador on site, we will choose one of our team members best suited to your event. If you want to schedule a speaking engagement or photo-op a check presentation, please contact Cary Ann Moody at or 904-685-6435.

Can the Jay Fund provide materials for my event?

Yes. With advance notice we can provide informational materials and donation cards. Materials free of charge, but quantities are limited.EDH_3746

Can I use the Jay Fund logo?

Yes, raising awareness is a huge part of the Impact Player Program. However, we ask you submit any materials bearing our logo for approval prior to production. Please allow 7-10 days for approval.

How do I collect donations at my event?

During your event donations can be collected via donation envelopes with cash or check, you can point people to Gloria, build your event online at  Checks need to be made out to Tom Coughlin Jay Fund. Any donation over $20 with contact information included will receive an acknowledgement and tax receipt.

Can I use the Tom Coughlin Jay Fund’s tax exempt status to purchase materials for my event?

No, third-party fundraisers do not qualify for our tax exemption status.

How soon after my event must I submit offline donations?

All offline donations should be submitted within 10 days of the event. Do not send cash through the mail. To make arrangements for a donation drop off please contact Cary Ann Moody at or 904-685-6435.