How We Help

We help families tackle childhood cancer by providing comprehensive financial, emotional and practical support so they can BE THERE for their families.

Financial Assistance and Game Planning

  • Helping families through Financial Assistance:
    The financial burden created when a child is hospitalized or requires home care, combined with medical expenses, can become overwhelming for parents. Jay Fund grants pay for such things as mortgages, rent, car, electric, water, phone, food, and other household expense payments during a time of crisis.
  • Jay’s Financial Playbook:
    Each family receives a backpack with an organizer so families have the tools to manage their child’s appointments, keep important contact information, and track medical and other expenses.
  • Quarterly Financial Seminar:
    Our quarterly seminar entitled Managing the Financial Challenges of Childhood Cancer, does what it says. It gives you information, insight and support you need to manage your finances during your battle.
  • Financial Coaching:
    We also offer a Financial “Coach” who will sit down with individual families and devise a plan to address any financial concerns. We can help develop and implement a budget, understand assets and liabilities and assist in making some difficult decisions to improve your financial health. We’ll BE THERE to help you make it through this financially challenging process.
  • Scholarships:
    The Jay Fund also offers scholarships to brave patients and survivors who wish to continue their education.  We’ll BE THERE to help them achieve their dreams.

Making a child’s life brighter.

The financial support we provide is invaluable to families. But the emotional support is equally important to our mission. We offer once-in-a-lifetime opportunities that simply make a child’s life brighter and create happy memories. We also host special, fun events so families and children can come together with others facing the same challenges. This enables families battling childhood cancer to BE THERE for each other with emotional support, love and friendship.

Quality of Life

Another important way we can BE THERE for families is to support treatment facilities that help improve quality of life for the patient and families. Our grants support child psychology services, Child Life programs, Art with a Heart program funding, survivorship programs, special medical equipment, entertainment, games and more at outpatient and inpatient centers.

Life –Saving Treatments

In some cases, Cord Blood Donor Units are needed so a child who doesn’t have a match within their own family can have a needed bone marrow transplant.  Often, this treatment is not covered by insurance.  It is a big expense that most families cannot take on. The Jay Fund can BE THERE to provide payment for the donor unit to give a child a fighting chance.