#GoGold Recap: A Month of Goals Fulfilled

With the #GoGold Initiative, the Tom Coughlin Jay Fund set out to accomplish two goals during Childhood Cancer Awareness Month: increase public awareness of childhood cancer’s effect on the entire family and provide opportunities for people to #BeThere for families who need help until a cure is found.  We’re happy to say that, with your help, we’ve accomplished these goals!

#GoGold Goal 1: Increasing Awareness

Throughout September, the Jay Fund was able to secure several opportunities to increase childhood cancer awareness and the financial and emotional toll it takes on the entire family.  Coach Coughlin and the NY Giants’ coaching staff were featured on national television several times wearing Jay Fund Gold Ribbons.  Both the NY Giants and Jacksonville Jaguars officially recognized Childhood Cancer Awareness and the Jay Fund with ceremonies at MetLife Stadium on September 14th and EverBank Field on September 21st.  Marissa Ierna, our #GoGold Ambassador, made an appearance on 1010XL/92.5FM’s “Helmets and Heels” radio show to share several aspects of the #GoGold Initiative on September 16th.  On the 21st, Marissa was joined by Jay Fund Executive Director Keli Coughlin for an interview on WJXT-TV, and several Jay Fund families were spotlighted on WJAX-TV during our Tailgate Party.  The Jay Fund was also showcased across several media outlets, including the NY Post, Fox5NY, Newsroom New Jersey, Bay Ridge Journal, Asbury Park’s Daily Record,  “The Mommyhood Chronicles” and “Jacksonville Mom’s Blog” sites, and more.  Thousands of people helped us spread the word through social media as well, by liking and sharing numerous posts and tweets throughout the month.

#GoGold Goal 2: Providing Opportunities

The Tom Coughlin Jay Fund loves to get out into the community, because every event introduces new groups of caring people to the families who are facing the unthinkable.  Then, it gives those caring people a chance to #BeThere for those wonderful families.  During Childhood Cancer Awareness Month,  we saw over $1000 raised in events held by Deutsche Bank, Nease High School and the Heritage Singers of Jacksonville.  Let It Grow Inc. put on their 19th Annual Benefit Concert, spread the word about the Jay Fund, and provided $15,000 to families in the NY/NJ area.  Sekine, Rasner & Brock held their inaugural “Run Diva” 5K and passed along a $1100 gift.  Dozens of individuals came to our website to give their own gift in support of the #GoGold Initiative.   Finally, throughout the month, hundreds of limited-edition Jay Fund #GoGold t-shirts were sold, with thousands of dollars brought in to support families tackling childhood cancer.

The Ultimate #GoGold Goal: #BeThere for the Families

Everything that happened during Childhood Cancer Awareness Month was put together to help sick children and their families.  However, the best parts of the Jay Fund’s September were those moments when we could #BeThere with financial, emotional and practical support.  Two Jay Fund kids were honorary team captains for the Nease/Fernandina Beach high school football game on September 5th.  On September 11th, our Jacksonville Financial Coach Kathy Devine put together a seminar and support meeting for families dealing with budget issues.  Jay Fund volunteers helped with a Jacksonville area cord blood donor drive on September 11th-13th.  At MetLife Stadium on September 14th, twelve Jay Fund families watched the Giants face the Cardinals from their Legacy Club seats, and two patients served as on-field ambassadors.  The following Sunday, 35 Jay Fund families had a special Tailgate Party at WJCT Studios, and headed across the street to EverBank Field to see the Jaguars in their home opener.

The Continuing #GoGold Goal: Always #BeThere

Of all the childhood cancer facts that have been posted throughout September, the most troubling is this: there is no cure.  Because of this simple fact, it’s imperative that we continue to #BeThere for these families who face the unthinkable every day.  We’re excited to say people and organizations continue to step up and help. Marathoner Sue Meier is currently asking for sponsors as she runs the NYC Marathon, with all proceeds benefiting the Jay Fund.  1010XL/92.5FM is currently planning it’s 7th Annual Jay Fund Radiothon.  Businesses like sweetFrog and jMcLaughlin are planning fundraising events, and RSVPs are coming in for our 10th Annual Champions for Children Gala in New York City at Cipriani in New York City on October 17th.  Every day, people continue to donate through our website and volunteer at our events.  As we reach the end of September, it’s clear that the Jay Fund must – and will – strive to continue to #GoGold.