For several years, the Jay Fund has partnered with ‘Art with a Heart’ by creating an Art Therapy grant.  The Funds from this grant are used to provide art therapy for pediatric oncology patients while being treated at the Nemours Children’s Clinic.  Studies have shown that this mode of therapy is extremely helpful for patients (and their siblings) as it allows them to express themselves in ways beyond words.

The Jay Fund has created a grant for a Child Psychology Program.  The funding from this grant is specifically designed to allow access to psychological service for all pediatric oncology patients who are being treated within our guidelines.

Recently, the Jay Fund has created a grant at Wolfson Children’s Hospital in support of Evan’s Room.  The funding is used to support ‘Evan’s Room’, located within the new expansion of Wolfson Children’s Hospital, which includes furnishing and equipment to provide families with connectivity to their support systems outside of the hospital.  Having a support system is crucial for families with a child fighting cancer.

The Jay Fund has partnered with Nemours Children’s Clinic by creating a grant to be used for the remodeling project on the Hematology/Oncology floor, in order to create a waiting area and playroom that is conducive for the needs of the oncology patients and their families.

New York and New Jersey

The Tom Coughlin Jay Fund provides Grants for Emergency Household Expenses and for a Sibling Support Program, specifically to assist the families of Pediatric Oncology patients served by Friends of Karen.  The Emergency Household Expenses Grant helps struggling families battling childhood cancer by paying expenses such as mortgage, rent, utilities, transportation, and groceries. The Sibling Support Program Grant funds services of an experienced Child Life Specialist/Social Worker who counsels one-on-one in home with children whose lives have been upended by their brother’s or sister’s illness. Since 2005, the Jay Fund has partnered with Friends of Karen a foundation established in 1978 and dedicated to providing emotional, financial and advocacy support to children and families facing a life-threatening illness.

Since 2010, the Tom Coughlin Jay Fund has had a Child Life Services Grant in place at NYU’s Stephen D. Hassenfeld Children’s Center for Cancer and Blood Disorders.  This Child Life Grant funds the purchases of therapeutic art and music supplies used with pediatric oncology patients to help ease fears and normalize, as much as possible, the life of the children undergoing treatment. In addition, as part of NYU’s Cancer Survivorship Program, the Jay Fund provides funding earmarked for the THRIVE Program. THRIVE programs provide emotional, educational, and practical information to teen and young adult cancer survivors to help them deal with the late effects of their cancer treatment and enables young adult pediatric oncology survivors to become self-advocates.

The Tom Coughlin Jay Fund has partnered with The Valerie Fund since 2010 by providing Grants for Camp Happy Times and for an annual, festive Holiday Party. Each August, the Jay Fund adopts a full bunk of campers and sends ten pediatric oncology patients to Camp Happy Times, a 7day/6night sleep away camp for current and former cancer patients located in Wayne County, Pennsylvania. Each December, the Jay Fund sponsors The Valerie Fund’s annual Holiday Party where over 500 children and adults in attendance are treated to fine food, a DJ’s music, face painting, an abundance of gifts and of course a visit from Santa Claus! The party is hosted by The Valerie Fund Children’s Center for Cancer and Blood Disorders at Newark Beth Israel Medical Center.

The Tom Coughlin Jay Fund provides an Emergency Household Expenses Grant for the families of children treated for cancer at The Valerie Fund Children’s Center for Cancer and Blood Disorders at Children’s Hospital of New Jersey at Newark Beth Israel Medical Center. Since establishing the grant in 2010, the Jay Fund has assisted many families struggling to make ends meet, while fighting a childhood cancer, by assisting with payment of mortgages, rent, home utilities, groceries, and transportation costs associated with their child’s illness.

In 2012, the Tom Coughlin Jay Fund established an Emergency Household Expenses Grant at The Center for Pediatric Cancer and Blood Disorders at St. Joseph’s Children’s Hospital in Paterson, NJ. The grant has proven to be an invaluable resource, helping pay rent, utilities, transportation costs and food bills for many families in need who have children undergoing cancer treatment at St. Joseph’s.

Partnering with Tomorrows Children’s Fund in 2014, the Tom Coughlin Jay Fund has established a Grant to support a Supermarket Gift Card Program for families in financial crisis as a result of a child’s cancer treatment. The Supermarket Gift Card Program offers much needed support to families battling childhood cancer by helping alleviate some of the ever increasing financial burdens faced by Tomorrows Children’s Fund families.

The Jay Fund partnered up with the Valerie Fund Center at Overlook Hospital in Summit, NJ in late 2011.  We put in place an Electronics grant, which included a brand-new laptop, an iPad2, two portable DVD players with accessories, 25 DVDs and a gift card to help support their Child Life Program.  These items help provide an outlet and/or distract pediatric oncology patients during long and potentially painful treatments.  We are thrilled about this grant as it will provide very necessary support to the children being treated at this hospital.