Board of Directors

Here are the generous, dedicated people who donate their time, experience and expertise to the Tom Coughlin Jay Fund.

2017 Board of Directors
Ernie Bono, Sr. – Vice President and Secretary
Ernie Bono, Jr.
Gary Chartrand
JJ Conners
Brian Coughlin
Judy Coughlin
Tom Coughlin – President
John Crawford
Tina D’Alessandro
Dr. Michael Joyce –Medical Director
Tom Rackley
Sandy Ramsey
Joanne Robertson
Tom Scerbo
Lamar Wheeler- Treasurer
Barry Zeidwig
Honorary Board Members
Fran Foley
Ken Tonning
2017 Advisory Board
Kristin Barbato
Maribel Carson
Tim Coughlin
Carolyn D’Angelo
Mark Herzlich
Dennis Kayser
Mike McGillis
Jon Miller
Sandy Montag
Tom Scerbo
Anthony Sichenzio
Kate Snee
Allison Stangeby